Our name was inspired by the woman we've all seen. You know who she is. Maybe you've seen her hailing a taxi, effortlessly chic in her well-tailored dress and coat, complete with gleaming baubles, dizzyingly high heels and a knock 'em dead it-bag. Or perhaps you've attended a party at her home; her impeccably tasteful home of a beauty so fastidious that the drawers are scented, the towels are rolled, and even the dog is manicured. You can't imagine there is room for such rigorous perfection in your life. You envy her. You wonder where she finds the time. You ask yourself: What's her secret?

     It is this "perfect" woman that inspires and torments us. Though, logically, we reconcile that she must have LOADS of paid help, we still want to be her. We still measure ourselves against her. In this day and age, when women are expected (and expect themselves) to do it all--career, wife, mother, friend, social coordinator, short-order cook, I can go on!--and still be beautiful, fit, and stylish, can you blame us for admiring her glossy fa├žade? Well, I believe we can all be her, in our own way; and we don't have to go nuts trying. I believe that the modern woman does not have to be a slave to her many roles, she can be a master of them. She can flourish and relish in them. She can, as the say "have it all". And I believe that the key to this mastery lies in the following credo:
  • You can be fabulous. Every woman has the potential and right to be stylish. We practically do everything. We deserve it. And we can do it...with a little help.
    •You can afford it. Style does not revolve around a price tag. It is only the tasteful arrangement of things (and not just new things, even the things you already own). Great style stems from conviction of character and the self-respect to have shameless flair! If you believe that, you can create beauty on any budget.
    •You should do it for you. Being stylish is not about impressing everyone else (though that's nice too!) It 's about finding joy in expressing who you are and what moves you. It's about cultivating an aesthetic that is empowering, feeds your confidence, and carries you through your busy day.

     The moment we are happier with ourselves and our home, we can be better in our other roles. Even if you and I never have a consultation, I hope you find some tools and inspiration within these virtual pages to help you find and develop your most stylish, fabulous self.

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