Dearest Ladies,
I can make you and your home as stylish as you've always dreamed. Any of the services detailed below can be combined or modified to suit your budget. Plus, your initial one hour consultation is free! Let me help you find your fabulous.

Do you admire other women with great style and wish you had a clue about your own? We can help! We'll have an hour-long chat with you where we’ll uncover the style you never knew you had. Afterwards, I'll follow up with a series of inspirational mood boards tailored to your taste and lifestyle indentifying celebrity muses, seasonal trends and your Essential Uniforms for work and play! This visual crystallization of your personal style is the launching point for finding your fabulous.

We’ve always found that the only thing that holds a girl back from dressing well is herself—and every unflattering garment lurking in her closet. We’ll dive into your closet and edit out everything that is holding you back from dressing with style, while explaining why each item in the toss pile didn't work. We’ll even throw in some tips on how to organize your closet, free! Hand holding and soothing words of encouragement also complimentary.

Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear and find yourself constantly feeling like nothing in your closet works together? Fret no more! We’ll put together a shopping list of foundation pieces tailored to your personal style, wardrobe needs and budget, complete with links for easy online shopping. Trust us, these pieces will make dressing in the morning SO much easier!

Is your average shopping experience marked by the overwhelming feeling of too many choices, not finding anything that works for your body, and usually ends with you giving up in frustration? Give us your price range and we’ll choose a shopping location where we can maximize your budget. By the end of the day, you'll have learned what flatters your shape, highlights your style, and respects your wallet. By the time we're through, you’ll be armed and ready for your next shopping adventure!

Hate to shop or are just too busy? Let us grant you the ultimate vestural luxury: We can identify this season’s must-haves, get you an all-new wardrobe, or even just shop for your upcoming vacation, all within your budget and with your personal style in mind. We’ll of course deliver everything for you to try on in comfort of your own home.

Dress well with what you already own! If your problem is simply that you don't know how to arrange what you have into ultra-chic outfits or you just don’t have a shopping budget, we’ve got you covered. We'll come over and set up of-the-moment looks with the clothes, shoes and accessories you already own. Plus, we'll take pictures of every outfit and create a look book for you, so you can reference your new outfits as needed.

Do you have an important event you absolutely must look your best for? Don't stress. We'll bring the dazzling you of your dreams to life for your special event. We'll worry about what you're wearing, and coordinate your look with your hair and make-up people (referrals also available). We’ll also be there to help you get ready and make sure you leave your house looking flawless. All you’ll need to worry about is having a great time!

Do you have a dress, necklace, pair of shoes, etc. that you can't seem to make work with anything? Send us a picture or link of anything you're having trouble styling, along with your budget and all your size info, and we'll create an outfit around it for you. Every item in your style tile will have a link to the store it came from, so you can easily order whatever catches your fancy.

Do you admire the stylish homes of others & wish you could be so in tune with your own taste? We can help! We'll have an hour-long chat with where we’ll uncover the style you never knew you had. Then, we’ll send you a mood board packed with inspirational visuals, as well as a style summary with guidelines and pointers for decorating within your new-found style.

Are you in the market for one piece to finish off your space? We’ll come over and chat with you about what about what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll take some measurements and begin the hunt for the perfect piece for your space and budget.

Not sure which paint colors work best with what you have (or with the changes you’re planning to make)? Forget the guess work and let us choose the best color palette for your space.

In the mood for change, but don’t have much of a budget? We’ve got you covered. We’ll re-arrange your furniture to best suit your floor plan and lifestyle. We’ll also use the art and accessories you already have, plus choose the best accent pieces within your budget.

Any of our home d├ęcor services can be combined, expanded or customized. Just tell us what you need and we’ll create a services package just for you. We welcome big and small projects alike!
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