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All photos in this post by Jesse Meadows, taken at LMNT. Model, Grace Munoz. MUA, Amanda Azar.
     As a stylist that makes pretty on people, places, and things, I've been very fortunate in the myriad connections I've forged along the way with artists, photographers, designers, local business owners and other stylists. I can't say that I always known where exactly each creative journey will take me. Sometimes I've just had to have faith in my instincts while trusting in the power of a positive attitude to see me through. Take my first look for the debut RAW Artists showcase of the 2013 season...if you're a frequent reader, you may already know that I'm the resident stylist for RAW Miami's hostess, Ms. Grace Munoz, the lovely model in today's post.

Gold spines choker ($68) and rhinestone rings (shown in yellow and rose gold, $24 ea.) courtesy of Goldie Boutique: 3092 Fuller Street Coconut Grove, FL. 33133. Dress, shoes and belt are from my own personal styling stash.
     The first look I settled on during our fitting was susequently inoperably disfigured in an incident that is still too painful to talk about. It was down to the wire and the only option my mind would drift to was the glorious vintage polka dot number you see above. Only the top was too big for our Gracie's dainty figure...one of the many moments in my career where a rabbit needed to be produced from my hat ASAP, with no rabbit or hat to be found. As the hostess, Grace would be on the move and up-close-and-personal with guests and artists, which meant that superficial fashion-show-magic had no power here. I wanted nothing more that to have a Zoe-ian meltdown.

Cut-off shorts courtesy of VNTGDENIM. Custom studding on white button-down shirt by Tomas Heslop, owner and artist behind VNTGDENIM. Blazer, shirt, and necklaces are from my own personal styling stash.

This was Grace's second look of the evening, and a real departure from our norm. I pulled on memories from rock stars of yore--particularly Steven Tyler's more-is-more attitude, his signature gypsy-rocker cacophony of rings, bracelets, necklaces and scarves. I thought, "How can I create the look where Grace and Steven meet?" With help from Goldie Boutique's edgy accessories and Tom Heslop's artful studding, I think we nailed it. What do you think?
     But somehow I didn't. I knew this was The Dress. I could feel in my bones that it's retro-ethereal elegance would be epic. And instead of ruing my bad luck, I began to feel grateful for it. Had the first dress never been ruined, I would have not had the opportunity to open with such a show-stopper. The sheer and ruffle trends would have passed and that speckled beauty would have likely faded into irrelevance, into the vast wasteland (the back of the closet) where it would have sat for fashion-eons waiting to become trendy again. Instead, I kept my chin up and made it work--with patient assurances from the always-game and ever-inspiring, Gracie. Sure we had to employ the jaws of life to extricate her for the second look (below), but truly, she was magical.

Blue gem stone ring ($74.95), black stretch bracelets ($12 ea.), & silver Tory Burch cuff ($68, SERIOUSLY!) courtesy of Goldie Boutique: 3092 Fuller Street Coconut Grove, FL. 33133. Shoes are model's own.

Her third and final look of the evening. Gold belt from my personal styling stash.

Vera Wang Lavender Label Dress (no longer available), rose quartz chandelier earrings ($69) & spine gold cuff ($120) all courtesy of Goldie Boutique: 3092 Fuller Street Coconut Grove, FL. 33133. Shoes are model's own. 
     I'm sharing this story today, because it recently helped me to remember to keep the faith--in myself! And I think we can all use an occassional reminder that self-doubt and thoughts about what could go wrong inhibit our ability to make things go right. Today, remember what makes you awesome, and that you can use that to change your fate, for the better.
P.S. Come see me at RAW's second showcase of the season this Friday! (At LMNT in midtown, 8PM.) You'll probably catch me running after Grace with tape and pins like a crazy person, but I'm always eager to make friends between looks. :)

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