Sandals: D&G (purchased on Yoox on MAJOR sale!). Necklace: Forever21. Proof that great style doesn't have to be expensive! It's all about knowing where to shop and how to mix it up.
spring fe·ver

(Noun) A feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.

     Are you guys feeling it, too? Today I was so in the mood to wear a sundress with cat eye sunnies, shopping and brunching in the warm outdoors, ensconced in the day's dazzling sunlight! But alas, the work week is not yet over and all that wistful imagery will just have to wait. What to do??? Inject a few spring-time details into my work-look, of course!

Tip 1: Recall the days of jovial jaunts to the park and bountiful backyard barbeques with nostalgic warm-weather prints, such as gingham, seer-sucker stripes, polka dots, and floral prints. I've paired two of my personal favorites here: a polka dot boat-neck top with a gingham pencil skirt.

Tip 2: Go au naturel. No, not like that! I mean with nature-inspired details, such the flower-power jewelry and the grass-green sandals I'm wearing. Palm or bird motifs, &/or details in natural fibers, such as raffia or wood also work!  

Top: Ted Baker. Skirt: Vintage? (Funny story: I don't know how I have this! I've had it since I was a teenager--take a moment to notice that it still fits, please--and somehow there is no tag...). Flower Ring and Necklace: Forever21. Sandals: D&G.

Ruffles are totally in-for-spring and inject a refreshingly care-free vibe to any super-serious work day. Peplums also do the trick, and like ruffles, have the happy coincidence of harkening the graceful curves of freshly bloomed flowers!

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