Blazer: Calvin Klein Collection. Dress: Vero Moda. Shirt: Bebe. Shoes: Nicky Vankets. Necklace: Goldie Boutique (3444 Fuller Street Coconut Grove, FL.)
     Let's face it, some days your tummy just does NOT cooperate with your wardrobe. Maybe you haven't had enough water lately or Aunt Flo is in town...or you went ham on the cookie jar last night (guilty!) whatever the reason, we all experience those dreaded "fat days".
Tip 1: Highlight your best asset(s). Don't let your protruding pouch make you forget that you have other physically redeeming qualities no cookie destroy. If you have luscious lips, play them up with an attention-grabbing lipstick. (It'll brighten your face and make you feel pretty!) Me? I love my legs. No matter how many cookies I eat or how often I skip the gym (always), I have naturally sinewy legs that suggest I'm much fitter than I actually am. For me, every fat day involves a shorter hemline.
Tip 2: Keep a shift dress in your arsenal. Not only is their 60's silhouette trending for spring, they also hide your midsection, and can be dressed up or down for work and play. Plus, they make an instant outfit! Throw one on with a pendant necklace and you're done!
I also like to layer shift dresses to add interest (and distraction). A sharp collar and/or blazer thrown in the mix easily gives your look a editorial edge. Fat days don't have to be bad days if you know how to shift the focus.  ;)

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