Top: Free People. Jeans: Lucky Brand. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes: Barneys NY Co-Op. Hat: Collection XIIX.
     I'm definitely a kid at heart. When I learned that Disney had recreated Belle's castle AND has a new Little Mermaid attraction, I HAD to go and nothing could stop me...except of course, for my one and only wardrobe hang-up: I hate flats. With park-hopper passes and princesses to stand in line for, there was no way a pair of wedges would carry me through. My usual quandary ensued: How to avoid looking like one of the Mad Hatter's tea pots (short & stout, get it???) yet be comfortable and stylish? A few hours at Orlando's Premium Outlets and my solution was found at the Barney's Co-Op: a pair of magical metallic oxfords!

Tip 1: Make it special. If you must wear flats, never ever just throw on a tee and jeans. Give it some flair or your look will fall flat. Acessorize with a little bling: a gold watch, a statement necklace, etc. And don't stop there. A great scarf and/or a trendy hat can really transform an otherwise utilitarian look.

Tip 2: Keep your bottom fitted and/or cropped. Never, I repeat, NEVER pair flats with wide leg jeans. Why? Because you would be removing height (sans heels), while adding width--and worse--to what is usually the widest part of a woman's body. Skinny jeans, fitted shorts, capris and skirts are your friends here. Even a small peek of a bony ankle (thankfully those usually stay a little bony even when the rest of the body is not) can do much to give the illusion of a slimmer leg.

I loved my oxfords so much, that I'm already planning to wear them on my next shoot. And I'm even thinking of buying a few more comfy flats, since silver (sadly) just doesn't go with everything. Check back this week, as I'll be sharing my finds under $50!

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