Coat: Anne Klein. Sweater: Express (Men's XS. Thank you, William!). Trousers: Diane Von Furstenburg. Shoes: Aldo. Lapis gold-plated ring: Vintage. Mustache ring: Gift (Thanks, Kristine!)
      Okay, what the heck is going on with Miami? It was fifty degrees this morning (that's like sub-zero for us tropical folk. My dog was all like, "I'll just pee inside, thanks.") And I've got miles to go before the sun fills the sky and the day rests comfortably in the low seventies. What's a winter-intolerant girl to do? Think warm thoughts.
Tip 1: Dress how you want to feel. It's a proven fact that color affects your mood and memory, and can even make you more appealing to the opposite sex. If you're feeling under the weather, bring yourself into a cheery mood, by dressing in a cheery color.
Tip 2:  If it's a particularly rough day, try dressing in the same color family from head to toe for some extra impact. Here's a handy-dandy color family chart to help you along.
     And make friends with a good tailor. Clothes that fit perfectly will make you feel more confident, and that will definitely elevate your mood. A good tailor will be honest with you about a garment's limitations within the context of your shape and the type of fabric you're dealing with. They can also, say, make an old dress more current by installing a panel of fabric in a seasonably trending color (and they can change said panel out at your color-craving whim).

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