Coat: Willow & Clay. Shirt: Moda International. Dress: Sweet Pea. Belt: Versace. Shoes: Sam Edelman.
     Why is it that weekdays, in retrospect, morph into an blurry block of colorless time? The truth is, we get caught up in the rat race and we forget to let life inspire us. Today I want to remind you all to stop and seize the day. And you can start by dressing with abandon!

Tip 1: Wear it already! We all have something in our closet that we love, but save for whatever reason. Don't ever save anything you love! None of the special occasions we envision for our clothes are guaranteed, so we have to make our own. A slinky cocktail dress becomes work-appropriate with a collared shirt tucked underneath and finished with leather belt to bring it into day-time. Reimagine yours and repurpose. Go!
Tip 2: Let it go. Probably a faux fur coat is a bit much for Miami, even if we've had mornings in the fifties. But it's fabulous and that's the only reason I need. Let go of the fear of being judged; it's the only way to allow yourself to evolve. Being a little frivolous with your style will keep you from taking yourself too seriously, which in turn softens your judgment on others, too. Life is sweeter for everyone when we learn to let fear go.
Sam Edelman Taryn Sandal.
     And don't just seize the day with your style. Take your lunch break somewhere pleasant. Eat your sandwich with the warm sand sifting through your toes. Feel the sun on your face. Breathe in the wind. Appreciate the magnificent views of your city. Carve out your own magical moment wherever you are and whenever you can.

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