An Ivy League gent vacations in Cuba. Seduced by the local flora...will he ever go back home?
An editorial.
Photography by Christian Fabian Robotti
Hair and Make-up by Kristine Sinclair
Editorial concept & wardrobe styling by: Jen Gonzalez
Written by: Jen Gonzalez

 Just because winter didn't get the memo that your ready for spring, doesn't mean you can't already start the transition. Layer a button-down under that sunny strapless dress you've been eyeing longingly. Need more warmth? Also layer-in a cropped cape, as shown above, or thin cardi and then tuck!

On Kiki - Dress: Vintage Betsey Johnson. Shirt: Stylist's own. Shoes: Stylist's own. Bag: Thrifted and hand-painted by stylist. Sunglasses: FE NY, seashells embellished onto sunglasses by stylist. Cape (Vintage, Hand-made) & Accessories courtesy of: Sale Rack (3444 Main Hwy Coconut Grove, FL). Headpiece by Kristine Sinclair.

 Embellished sunnies had their memorable moment on the runway, but don't go & spend a ton on a passing fad. Just do it yourself, like I did here for our model, Kiki (right). All you need is a glue gun and a little imagination!

On Joe - Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger. Vest: Stylist's own. Shirt: Lorenzo Uomo. Tie: Vintage.

 Sometimes a sensual pout and flirty lashes say everything he wants to hear.

The mixed prints moment hasn't passed. You have the green light to mix with abandon! Here's how to get it right: The print colors should match or echo one another, but the patterns themselves shouldn't be too similar. Mix tight patterns with sparse ones or pair inverse palettes (as shown above).

On Kiki - Top: Fendi. Skirt: Vintage DKNY. Shoes: Stylist's own. Accessories courtesy of: Sale Rack (3444 Main Hwy Coconut Grove, FL). Turban by Kristine Sinclair using a Calvin Klein scarf.

 The once prim (if not verdant) tourist has been changed by the heat of the tropics...or is it love?

On Joe - Shirt: Lacoste. Scarf: Frenchi. Pants: Topman. Belt: Vintage. Accesories: Stylist's own. Sunglasses: Prada Linea Rossa.

But will it last?

 Perhaps our young traveller will not be the last to succumb to island's charms?


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