{btw, i totally finished!}

Like that Monteith-style brass bowl? It's for sale in The Shoppe now!

     BT Dubs (Is that annoying? I heard it from Busy Phillips on Cougar Town, and since I love all my Dawson's Creek alum, I've sort of affectionately adopted it. It means "by the way", by the way.) I totally finished that bookcase I blogged about eons (2 months) ago! Bet ya thought I forgot about it. Or gave up. But nope, nuh-uh! I never, NEVAH! give up on DIY projects. I just whine and procrastinate until they're done. Side note: Please forgive that I'm a little over-pepped. I'm on four cups of coffee. Hey, whatever it takes, man.

     It didn't really take two months to finish. It took about two weeks. But I got a little side-tracked launching my AWESOME Etsy store (which you should--please--check out if you love vintage designer fashion & home decor). If you read my original post about this baroque beauty of a bookcase I scored, you know that I really wanted to integrate some Dorothy Draper into my apartment. Well, true to my fickle nature, shortly thereafter I was lovestruck by a magazine spread of Diane Von Furstenburg's Paris apartment. Her I'm-the-chicest-globe-trotter-that-ever-lived aesthetic has left me wanting some of that worldy glamour in my own home. (Cut to the montage of me in every glamorous scene of Sex and the City II playing in my brain.)

     The result was baroque-meets-dvf-inspired-camouflage-and-ikat. So it got a little schizophrenic, but I really couldn't be more pleased. I feel like it's just the injection of pattern that space was sorely in need of. And best of all, since I opted to cover the back in fabric instead of painting, I can just change it out if I get bored. What do you think of my DIY bookcase makeover?

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