All photos in this post were taken by Christine Hawk Ramirez & Susan Beth Rainsberger.

     CONFESSION: I have A TON of gray hair. I'm just this side of 30, and there is no longer a way to part my hair and hide 'em. They're everywhere! For years I had been against dying, since my last experience--almost 15 years ago--was so tragic. Let's just say that my hairdresser at the time said "I'm going to make you look like Beyonce!" and I, of the dark, ethnically ambigious complexion, ended up with platinum, PLATINUM, streaks. My hair was so fried that I couldn't risk dying it back. I had to grow it out...for 3 years.
     But something had to be done about these grays. I'm way too vain to let those bastards age me prematurely. So I went to my trusted girlfriend and local hair genius, Ms. Kristine Sinclair. Here's what the brilliant Ms. K. had to say about her process:

     "Jen G is my longtime childhood friend, and anyone who has known me since 1998 knows that hair in my passion! She came to me looking for a natural highlight for her dark brown hair. She was prepared with photos of Kelly Framel's Marrekepic blog post featuring model, Marcella De Martin--with the "awesome hair I die for!"

     I am a Redken girl so naturally I chose their new Extra Lift series, combining the neutral and the titanium. Being that Jen is so dark, we wanted to counter some of the undertones that can come out during the lightening process."

(Ms. K. continued)

     "I didn’t just want to do a traditional foil highlight; it's high maintenance and a dated, though precise technique. So, I combined balayage, which is a French free style method meaning “to sweep”, and ombre, which only lightens the ends of the hair. I took pieces from under Jen’s part and below her crown so she had a completely natural look with no maintenance at all. Considering this was her first time coloring her hair in 15 years, I wanted something that she didn’t have to commit to. I finished her blow dry with lots of volume and movement going away from her face, creating a voluptuous wave.

     The results were beautiful and softened Jen’s overall look completely. Thank you Jen for trusting me! For more beauty tips and tricks visit www.beautyfinish.blogspot.com"

Thanks, Kristine! I'm so in love with my new look. What do you guys think about the change?


  1. The new look is very fresh and modern. love it!

  2. Thanks for reading, Lara-Carolina!

    Urban Glamazon: How have you been?? Hope all is well! Thanks for liking my new 'do ;)


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