Sorry for the long hiatus, folks!

     Between work, projects, and holiday shopping, I've just been too slammed to blog. But I didn't forget you, dear readers. I have something very exciting a-brewing: What's Her Secret? will soon be bringing affordable style to you all through Etsy! A preview of The Shoppe, featuring vintage DESIGNER fashion and stylish home decor, is to come after the holidays. For now, I'm off to enjoy Christmas with my family in holiday-appropriate wintery weather. But I leave you with my fellow-fashion-lover friend, Ms. Stephanie Guerra, who recently taught me how to tie a turban for my glammy holiday shopping ensemble. Read on for Steph's tutorial on tying a turban.

Wardrobe Styling: Jen Gonzalez

Greetings all!

     My name is Stephanie M. Guerra, I am a Wardrobe Stylist/Image Consultant/Founder of TASTE By: Stephanie Guerra and good friend to the lovely Jen Gonzalez of What’s Her Secret?. Not sure about you, but I know that I have often gone through a bad hair day. You know, those days where you just want to stay with the covers over your head and want to be seen by no one, not even yourself through the mirror? I suffered one of those days not too long ago when I was going to pay a visit to Jen.

     Now those of you who may know Jen know of her fabulousity, and that she’s not the person you want to be around during one of your off days, 'cause let’s face it, I don’t even think those days have ever hit her. Lucky for me, I came up with the perfect solution. I decided to rock my good ol’ turban. It’s my ultimate quick fix when my hair gets in the mood to get on my nerves. I looovee turbans. Trendy ones, glammed up chic ones, I looove Turbans. So when Jen asked me to assist her in her How-To do a Turban Blog, I quickly hopped on board. Here are my 9 simple steps for creating a turban that’ll help you win the battle between you and your non-cooperative hair.

Each stylist did her own styling for this post, naturally. ;) First image, on the left: Ms. Stephanie M. Guerra. All others, yours truly, Jen G.

Step 1: Grab a scarf of your liking that is big enough for you to form a giant square.

Step 2: Form a giant square and put your head down while the scarf is literally covering your entire head and ears. Tip: Pin the front section of your hair first. It makes this part A LOT easier!

Step 3: Grab the end tips of the scarf and twirl around a couple of times as if you were twirling two braids on your head.

Step 4: Have each side cross one another and take straight to the back.

Step 5: Now cross from the back side as well.

Step 6: Take it back to the front and tie from this end.

Step 7: Grab the loose ends and stuff inside. If you have used a scarf with fringe at the ends which I normally would recommend not to simply just to save on time, stuff those fringes completely inside as well.

Step 8: Adjust the top so no peeks are stuck up.

Step 9: Pull down to cover your ears a little more as they may have come out throughout the process. You don’t have to do this but I like to because I find ears popping out of a nice chic scarf suddenly make you look not so chic. If you throw on a nice set of hoop earrings or beautiful studs like Jen is wearing, it gives it a better look.

         These 9 simple steps are quick, easy and even fun. After you have gotten used to doing the simple turban, play around with it and do a side one, a bun one and use it as your new cooperative hair that surely will not let you down. Thanks to Jen and her blog followers for letting me be a part of this and enjoy!

As always, I’m giving it a smile, a wink and smooches,
Stephanie M. Guerra, Wardrobe Stylist/Image Consultant/Founder
TASTE By: Stephanie Guerra

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    1. Thanks once again to What’s Her Secret? for allowing me to be a part of this blog. I had tons of fun and surely hope to make an appearance again real soon. Amazing blog post!

      Giving it a smile, a wink & smooches,
      Stephanie M. Guerra, Wardrobe Stylist/Image Consultant/Founder
      TASTE By: Stephanie Guerra


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