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Happy Cyber Monday!

     I hope you're all finding incredible deals on this happiest of shopping holidays! I don't know about you, but I oftentimes have a tight budget for my holiday shopping. It's so nice to have lots of loving friends and family. The downside is that everyone makes it on my Xmas list. If this is your wonderful dilemma, too, you're in luck! I've put together a gift guide for every gal on your list. Best of all, each gift is $20 or less!

 Your gift guide explained--with links! (Prices & Cyber Monday codes above):
The Workaholic - She's so busy, you have to schedule hang out time with her at least three weeks in advance--which she will confirm one week before, two days before, and the day-of (in case you cancel and give her an opening to squeeze in another task). She thrives on to-do lists and may literally die if she loses her phone. Inject a little "Happy Chic" into her lengthy daily grind with these bright and stylish note pads by Jonathan Adler.

The Entertainer - Your friend is famous for her gracious hospitality and foodie-enthusiasm. She's such an excellent hostess that she never seems to be stuck in the kitchen, yet all of her food is scrumptious and homemade. Wine and laughs are always reliably plentiful at her warm home. Here's a practical gift she is sure to enjoy: 5 Pc Wine Bottle Set.
The Intellectual - For the girl that spent her scholastic life on the honor roll, is a Self-proclaimed Austenite, and would be perfectly cast as the brainy bombshell on The Big Bang Theory: Add this lovely hardcover to her impressive collection: Flappers and Philosophers: The Collected Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Penguin Hardback Classics)
The New Mommy - You're friend has successfully made a human being! But now she's exhausted and secretly worried that she'll accidentally break her bundle of joy. You're no help. You're lucky your dog has survived! She might not know what to expect now that she's done expecting, but you can do your part as her loyal friend: Help her at least feel prepared with her own Minimergency Kit.
The Athlete - This friend says things like burpee & wod. Whenever you go shopping, she insists on taking the stairs and walks at a brisk pace that leaves you winded. When she flexes her biceps you make a mental note to never piss her off. These DVF ear buds are perfect for her daily five mile run!
The Hippie Chic - Her favorite place in the world is the yoga studio. Though you do eat meat, you enjoy trying new foods with her at all her vegan-friendly haunts. When you have a cramps, she offers to Reiki them away. Remind her that she's beautiful inside and out with this reusable shopper from Etsy, for her weekly trips to the farmer's market.
The Rebel - She collects tattoos and piercings. When you tousle your hair and smudge your liner, you just look hungover. When she does it, it's sexy. On your standing happy hour dates, you're inspired by her freedom to celebrate your Samantha-side & coin terms you'd never say in front of your mother. These edgy earrings by Mango would be perfect with all her cropped David Bowie tees and ripped jeans!
The Fashionista - Your fierce friend wears shoes that seem physically impossible. She thinks the new dress over pants trend is brilliant. She references the past via designer collections and everything she wears is probably made by someone's name you cannot pronounce. You love that she inspires you to push the limits of your couture-comfort zone, but worry about offending her sartorial sensibilities. These trendy lace tights are a no-fail gift sure to set-off loads of artful layering!
The Traveller - She keeps a bag packed and ready for her next adventure. Her idea of internet shopping is searching for deals on flights to the next great unknown. She's slept under the stars, back-packed through Europe and braved the jungle with nothing more that bug spray and granola bars. Bid her bon voyage on her next jaunt with these chic personalized luggage tags.
Did I miss your friend? Are you still stumped for gift ideas? In honor of Cyber Monday, I'll help the first person to comment with their gift-giving quandary. Happy shopping, ladies!


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