A Dramatic Letter of Apology     
"Hi, my name is Jen & I have RBS."
My sincerest apologies for being MIA all of last week. I confess I was off cowering in cyber obscurity. In case you missed it, on October 28th, I did the dumbest thing a blogger could possibly do: I deleted all the images from my blog...permanently. I call it "Red Button Syndrome". I don't know if RBS is even a thing (because I made it up) but I'm going to go ahead and self-diagnose. If there's a button of ultimate destruction anywhere that absolutely should not be pressed, I will not be able to control my impulse to press it. And so, finding some 450 images on my phone that looked a lot like all of the images I've used on my blog, I--so very wisely--decided that my phone and blog couldn't possibly be connected (due to my severe incapacity to comprehend the technological modern world), found "Select All" and then hit "Delete" feeling completely satisfied with myself for clearing so much space on my phone.
     Oh, I admit there was a moment of, "Maybe this is a bad idea." But that was quickly followed by, "Meh. Let's just see what happens." I don't know why it felt like the floor was opening up beneath me when the realization of what I'd done had hit me. I really should have expected it. I am sure now that there is a component of temporary grandiosity in RBS (I really must write to the editors of the DSM). Consequently, I have spent a great deal of the last week pretending that it didn't happen, and that I don't have a blog at all. Denial can be so comforting.
     While penning this admittedly dramatic letter of apology (What can I say? I write like I dress: colorful and sometimes a little too much.) I checked on my blog stats and was surprised to find that some of you had not abandoned me. Amazingly, my numbers have not flat-lined, even without the images I was so certain cemented my blog's appeal. Whether you visited out of sheer morbid curiousity for my misfortune, or just because you like my writing, thank you. It was so encouraging to this broken blogger. With all that said, I'm done feeling sorry for myself and I'm ready to get back to work. Somber is really so blah. On a refreshingly happier note, I've got a new blog post coming up for ya--with pictures! A DIY post! Tune in tomorrow to see how I turned this 1970's eye sore into my chic new workspace.

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  1. falling down is easy getting up and brushing yourself off is the hard part Good job! keep up the great work!


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