{purple reign}
     I woke up this morning, made my way downstairs, and had a fleeting moment of being totally pleased with all of my colorful throw pillows in this mixed prints moment I can't seem to shake. I then took another look around, and decided: I need purple in my life.
A decorator's home is never done.  (Sorry, honey!)
    I think it's something about the fall. A feeling of renewal in the crisp air. An inspiration for reinvention in the falling leaves [that I imagine in other cities] that will grow anew in the spring. An opportunity to mature and evolve for the better. Or maybe the sentiment is not that sophisticated and I'm just really excited that purple is trending all over the place. Whatever!
Room by Alex Papachristidis via Elle Decor

Purple rocks for a few reasons:

1. It will come back again and again. Promise! Aubergine is the beloved jewel tone of the season, highlighting traditional earth tones beautifully.

2. The royals were on to something. Purple really does class up the joint. See the proof in the regal rooms below.

3. Most shades of purple go nicely with incarnations of my recurrent faves: Pink, red, and blue. Mauve and rasberry are feminine, but in a confident, mature way. Lilac and tomato red are so very Gucci last fall (bold, sumptuous, and sexy). Tyrian purple and lapis are cool and sophisticated in a very retired traveller kind of way. I adore all of these combinations and am constantly drawn to them in interiors, as well as in fashion.

Room by Alex Papachristidis via Elle Decor

Image from Architectural Digest via Sukio 
Image from Maison Francaise via Design Hole

     Can you guess which combo I tend to favor? If you're following me on Pinterest, you know it's no secret that my favorite color is blue. I die for anything turquoise and have yet to meet a Ming vase I don't like. Since my home is--as you might have guessed--loaded with blue accents, some new purple throw pillows would be a chic change for fall.

Here's how to get the some purple in your home--affordably, of course!

Did you see the pair of velvet pillows for under $40??? They are so MINE! What are some of your favorite colors to pair with purple?


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