Top: Fendi, $75 (scored on mega-clearance! Link to similar). Pants: Trina Turk, $119. Sandals: Stuart Weitzman, $290. Earrings: Forever 21, $6. Bracelets: Black & white zig zag bangle, Forever 21 (Link to similar); hammered gold & twist gold bangles, Nordstrom Rack (links above to similar).

     Labor Day Weekend officially marked the end of summer fashion. (Audible sigh.) Though fall is my favorite fashion season, the days of care-free cropped and beachy-breezy swaying silhouttes seemed to pass far too quickly. And so, in honor of the season's passing, I decided to pay tribute by wearing some of my favorite purchases of the passed season one final time.

     With fall here (...speaking exclusively in fashion-terms, of course. As you know, Miami will hang on to the heat well into winter...), I suppose that means no more crazy-comfy white Trina Turk trousers, and so-long Fendi halter in your fabulously nostalgic tropical print. Good bye floral pants, crochet tops, white blazers, and the piles of pastels and neons I collected. Farewell, my beloved Stuart Weiztman Camino sandals that had the covetable quality of matching with almost everything. (Though I really got bang for my buck with those--I wore them all season long!)

     But you know what? I can't just put all that stuff away! I mean, sure, I found some major deals during my spring-summer shopping sprees. For instance, the Fendi top I'm wearing was snagged at the staggeringly low (for Fendi, I mean) price of $75. And though I saved major cash, it still adds up to a small fortune that I feel reluctant to dismiss in order to stay on-trend.


     And you know what else? I'm just not a fan of these pervasive ideas of wearing this and not that for a season, or that wearing something over and over is a fashion faux-pas. Ladies, I'm not rolling in it. I work hard to pay for my indulgences and I don't believe in the frivolousness of being wasteful. If the Duchess Kate has no shame in repeating her outfits, none of us should either. Let's re-think shelving our spring-summer buys. Let's be real! Most of us can't afford to anyway and we should all stop feeling bad about not being able to keep up with celebrites and socialites. That sort of attitude just takes all the fun out of fashion, don't you agree?

     Instead, let's think about clever styling, so that we can work in our spring-summer buys as we transition into fall trends. With that in mind, check back for my September series of blog posts, where I'll show you how to transition into fall using some of last season's biggest trends, too.

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  1. I think a lot of these pieces can still be used into fall...paired with a blazer, your halter top totally works.
    Paired with a chunky sweater, your white pants look fall friendly and paired with jeans and a burgundy top...you shoes could work well into the next few seasons ;)


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