Blazer: Donna Ricco. Shirt: TrouvĂ©. Pants: Express. Shoes: Aldo. Gold choker: Juicy Couture. Gold layering necklace: Forever 21. Rings (Oval & Swirl): Sale Rack (Coconut Grove). Sorry that most are no longer available. Links here are to the most similar items for the best price that I could find. See Shop the Look below for more similar items at various price points.

     For the last post of my Spring Into Fall series, I really wanted to cover my favorite spring/summer trend: the white blazer. Conjuring images of an ever-chic Bianca Jagger on her wedding day, the embodiment of 70's sexy-cool, and Michelle Pfieffer as the irreproachably stylish ice-queen, Elvira Hancock (the real reason I reference Scarface as one of my favorite movies...well, and that house), the white blazer isn't just a trend, it's a true classic. It is for this reason that I'm loath to put it away. Particularly since wearing a blazer during a Miami summer means certain death, how could I not find a way to wear this nostalgic article of glam when the temperatures are finally favourable?

     What's that you say? No white after labor day? Oh, honey! No one cares about that rule anymore. But to understand the bigger picture, consider the following analogy: Fashion is like writing. When you're first learning the mechanics of being a decent writer, you're fed rule after rule regarding grammar and syntax, and so forth. And then, after you've memorized all of these rules and they become second nature to you, a beautiful thing happens: you begin to want to drop them. You drop them in a delightfully masterful way, in fact, because what is happening at that moment is that you're finding your voice. Your developing your style. Perhaps at one time it was de rigueur to know when it's appropriate to wear what and how. But these days artfully breaking the rules is a sign that your style is evolved. Now more than ever it is fashionable to wear whatever, however you please--so long as it works.

     If you're brave enough to carry your white blazer into fall, here's the fool-proof formula for making it work. Wear it over your favorite spring-hued silk shirt; if you're like me and you bought into last season's pajama moment, go ahead and milk that trend some more here. Use it to get that devil-may-care Bianca Jagger style. (A strategically hidden pin can make it seem as though you've brazenly left the top unbuttoned, without risking an embarrassing flash of flesh.) Balance out all that bright and sexy with conservative plaid wide-leg trousers--which keep nicely with the retro glam vibe, thanks to their silhouette, and are also an eternal fall fashion staple. Bring the look to date with pumps in one of the season's hottest hues that don't match the color of your shirt in the most perfect way. Other perfect non-matching pairings of spring and fall color trends are turquoise and red, pink and royal blue, and mint and eggplant; yellow also works with oxblood. Finish by carelessly layering necklaces and rings like your the love child of Tony Montana and Mr. T (I'm kidding, but you get the idea: more is more for this look).
Blazer: Topshop. Shirt: Acne. Pants: Alice + Olivia. Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana



     This outfit was all about stylishly breaking the rules. Pajama shirts are only for bed time? I say, why waste a good silk shirt, especially when it comes in a delicious shade of lemon yellow? Red and yellow don't match, you say? I say, what's more classic than ketchup and mustard? Sometimes the zingy dissonance is just what makes it work. When carrying forward last season's pieces into this season's looks, keep in mind that rules are for amateurs.
Was there something from last season you wish I would have covered in this series? If there's a spring trend you'd really like to know how to carry into fall, leave a comment below and you just might see it covered on the blog next week.


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