As promised in my recent post, Summer's Last Hoorah: Welcome to my series of how-to's dedicated to transitioning into fall style using some of last season's biggest trends! I'm all about being a smart spender. After all, if you save tons on one item, you'll have room in your budget to buy more. ;) And if you can stylishly integrate a lot of what you already own, then you're free to splurge on the really fun trends (such as the items I'm wearing below: the cozy, graphic print statement sweater and the pop-of-color shoe to complement all of fall's moody color trends)!

Denim Shirt: Zara.  Leopard Sweater: Nina Charles for Kasper A.S.L.  Neon Skirt: Express. Blue Suede Pumps: Bakers Shoes. Necklaces & Bow Belt: Forever 21. Bow Ring: Kate Spade. Sorry, none are available. See the Shop the Look below for links to similar items at varying price ranges. ;)

     In this series, I'll take one or two (or more, depends on how the mood strikes!) major spring trends/staples and integrate them into an au courant fall look. For this installation, I decided to focus on last season's major neon trend and the quintessential spring/summer style staple, the denim shirt. Everyone went a little nuts with the neon trend. We saw neon statement necklaces (guilty), neon clutches (guilty), neon bottoms, neon tops & neon shoes (guilty on all fronts). If your neon skirt doesn't look exactly like mine, it doesn't matter. Any silhouette will work with the formula below:

     If you bought a neon dress, just add the denim shirt and sweater right on top. No one will know the difference. I should add a disclaimer for my Miami peeps: Don't try this at home! I almost died for these photos; our severe heat is NOT worth the fashion statement! Miami gals, save this for when the cool weather rolls around (you know, our one week of winter). If you've just got to sport a fall look now, opt for a sleevless denim shirt and a light-weight printed cardi. You'll get the same look without the icky sweat spots.

     To recap: take your neon bottom (skirt, pants, shorts, any will do) & your denim shirt. Add a graphic print sweater, a bad-ass brightly hued shoe, sprinkle in some of your favorite accessories (statement necklace and ring, and don't forget the waist-cinching belt for that sweater!) and you're ready to spring into fall!

     Tune in next week, same time, for the second installation of my Spring Into Fall series!

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