Since I pretty much die for all things black and gold, it is only natural that I should suffer a chest-pain'd crush on Dolce & Gabbana's take on fall's gaudy-glam Baroque trend.

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

I've fallen hard, girls. And while I could cry that I can't throw down benjis for a fickle fall fashion fling, I've decided that something must be done to satisfy this ache. I will do the next best thing: I will DIY.

      A few weeks ago, I scored this amazing mandarin-collared, moderately ornate vintage Evan-Picone coat for the magical price of $7 at the Goodwill on SW 67th Avenue and Bird Road.

Seeing its incredible potential, I immediately envisioned myself bedazzling it into the glorious realm of its couture counterpart. But for this task, no standard trip to Joann's or Michael's would do. I needed the best for my haute-imitation. I needed the pinnacle of fabric stores--the king, if you will. I needed Rex Fabrics.

All photos taken at Rex Fabrics

All photos taken at Rex Fabrics

     Aided by the knowledgeable and ever-so patient (I did get a bit side-tracked and glossy-eyed over all of the the lustrously colorful fabrics...it was like I'd spent my entire life in Kansas and suddenly found myself in Oz) Socorro Campos, my eyes beheld wonder upon wonder in all manner of couture fabric: Missoni, Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, and so unimaginably much more. And then there was of course where I was to play: in shelf after shelf of dazzling appliques, trimmings, and rhinestones. But Socorro, already familiar with Baroque trend, led me to their most relevant selections, bearing in mind to show me the highest possible quality within my budget. My goal was not to exceed $75 for this entire project, and thanks to her I can still pay my rent this month. Seriously, I can't sew a stitch, but I had some crazy thoughts about making my own Missoni scarves.

     After deciding on embellishments, and Socorro's suggestion on fabric glue and gentle assurance that this would be an incredibly easy thing to do myself (inspite of my having no talent for crafting to speak of) I left for home to work on my project, full of excitement, bag of golden goodies in hand.

Tune in next week, same time, to see the final product (styled for real-life use!) and the final tally of this DIY project's cost.



  1. Great idea. Can't wait to see the completed jacket.

  2. Sounds super exciting and can't wait to see it completed!!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous & Urban Glamazon! I can't wait for it to get cold around here, so I can actually wear it without risking death. LOL!


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