Last week I shared that I scored this chic mandarin-collared vintage Evan-Picone coat for the sweet price of $7. Lusting for this fall's baroque trend--namely, the coats on Dolce & Gabbana's ethereal gilded-goth madonna's--but not their price, I decided to DIY my thrifted find into a wearable version of the coveted couture coats. 

 Coat: Vintage Evan-Picone (thrifted). Shirt: Moda International (similar here). Jeans: Lucky Brand. Shoes: Bakers (No longer available, but here's a link to an awesome, of-the-moment alternative). Earrings: Vintage (found on Etsy). Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here). Ring: Sale Rack in Coconut Grove, FL. (Sorry, I scooped up the only one. But here's a similar one).

     Armed with fabric glue, I first set to work by gluing down only the peaks of the brass colored applique along each coat flap. Tip: A little glue goes a long way. If you glob it on, it'll just spread onto the part of the coat you don't intend to decorate...and it'll be a sticky, stringy mess as you try to clean it off. Trust me. I then folded the bottom part of the applique over the flap and glued down the widest parts only. And since I'm a little (okay, a lot) OCD, I also haphazardly sewed down the applique (on the front and back of the flap) using black thread that is practically (mercifully) invisible on the applique and coat. That sucker's not going anywhere. To finish, I glued a bright gold trim to the top of the pockets, and accentuated the applique's peaks and the coat pockets' fleur de lis with glowing amber rhinestones.

Tip: Create a professional look by cutting button slits out of the applique along the lines of the applique's existing pattern.

     My goal was not to exceed $75 for the entire project, while still capturing the essence of Dolce & Gabbana's golden opulence.  To do so, I knew I would have to try to find the best quality embellishments at the most affordable price. Going too cheap would only reduce it to costume-y. Thanks to Socorro and the treasure trove that is Rex Fabrics, here's how I did:


    Okay, so I went over budget. But I'd say that $80 compared to the thousands you'd pay for the real thing is still a pretty good deal. Not only did I get in touch with my inner designer, I now have a one-of-a-kind piece I'm actually kinda really proud of. So when the temperatures drop and I'm feeling inspired by the richness of autumn, I can go baroque without going bah-roke (I'm sorry. I had to. That was me getting in touch with my inner Carrie Bradshaw.)

Styling Tips: When donning an elaborately bedecked coat, keep the outfit underneath classic and simple. Another great day look would be skinnies and riding boots with a gold cross pendant or rings. But definitely do also have fun with this trend in the gloriously gaudy way Dolce & Gabbana styled theirs. Go ahead and for the glam with accessories: baroque-style chandelier earrings and bedazzled headband.

     I really had a lot of fun doing this, and am looking for some new couture inspriration for my next DIY project. If there's a runway look you'd like to see DIY'd, let me know in the comment section below and you just might see it come to life on the blog this season!

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