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      There's little I love more than decorating for the holidays. Since I don't cook or bake (this is for lack of interest and for mercy on my friends and family--my dogs won't even eat what I make) I enjoy celebrating the season by bedecking my home with festive touches. That said, in years past I may have overdone it a bit by focusing on quantity versus quality, forgetting my normally discerning taste in the name of fun. But let's face it: The happy scarecrow on the lawn, the pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, turkey themed transferware, and decorative ears of dried corn start to feel tiresome and silly pretty quickly, wouldn't you agree? (Don't worry, these are all still okay to break out on Thanksgiving Day. Party décor is supposed to be fun! Besides, people--okay, I--really like the turkey transferware.) Fall décor should be beautiful enough to be bearable for the duration of the season. It should be chic. Not sure what to do now you've been shamed into retiring your cornucopia of fake fruit and flowers? Here are eight stylish ways to decorate for fall:

Room by Kelly Porter/Porter House Designs via Houzz.
     Incorporate warm fall tones into your décor in a modern way with graphic animal prints, which have the added bonus of being at once cozy and a bit edgy. Try a snuggly throw like the one pictured above, such as this one from Dillards for only $39.
Images via Better Homes & Gardens
       Bring a bit of fall's natural splendor to your home with stately, eye-catching floral arrangements made with tree branches, berries, and tall grasses. I live in a concrete jungle, so this time of year I like to scout the trees on my parents' property for any branches that need trimming. ;)

Left: Room by Laura S. Mitchell Interior Design. Photo by Megan Thompson Lovoi. Via Houzz. Right: Wreath by West Elm via Houzz.
     Forget the traditional wreaths of pinecones and pumpkins. Bo-RING! Instead, add a dose of luxe with lush plumage. Don't worry, luxe doesn't have to mean expensive. Here's one from Z Gallerie for only $30.

Image by Better Homes & Gardens.
     For the rustic elegance of nature's bounty, fill glass apothecary jars with various nuts and dried fruits. Not sure where to find the apothecary jars? Your local Home Goods will likely have some for under $20. If you don't have a Home Goods in the area, check out these from Pottery Barn.

Left: Photo by Chris Everard via The City Sage. Right: Image via Hues and Cues.
     Jewel tones don't just tend to rule the runway this time of year.  As the perfect complement to all the neutral tones of fall, is it any wonder that jewel tones are a major trend in interior décor as well? Try this timeless trend via throw pillows in sumptuous velvets and silks that'll just beckon you to luxuriate in their softness when it's harsh outdoors.

Left: Image via Bonjour + Hola. Center: Photo by Peek of Perfection. Right: Image by Pottery Barn via Life in the Motherhood.
      Turn a plain yellow pumpkin into glitzy objet d'art with a just little can of metallic spray paint. They make beautiful accents on your holiday tablescapes. Or line them in threes on a bookcase or mantel for sculptural impact.

Left: Image by Dwell Studio via Le Registrie. Right: Room by Brown Davis Interiors via Design Shuffle
     Plush sheepskin rugs are the ultimate luxury as the temperature drops. Try them draped over the sofa or dining chairs, and layered underfoot to keep your toes toasty. This small faux sheepskin rug by Ikea, perfect for layering, is only $10!

Top: Photo by JL Designs. Left: Image via Rattlebridge Farm. Right: Image via Clapboard Cottage.
     Fall's favorite flower, though excellent as an affordable color splash, is on it's own cute at best. I admit that I hate these types of cute flowers. Mums, carnations, daisies...they're folksy wild-flower vibe is just too unrefined to make a sophisticated statement--on their own that is. Elevate the homely mum into poshness with Victorian style white planters. Want to step up the chic-factor even more? Use round floral forms to make them into modish topiaries.

What are some stylish ways you decorate for fall? I'm always looking for inspiration, so please share your chic décor ideas below!


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