I blog a lot about fashion, but the truth is that I have equal love for interiors. I'm constantly hunting for decor inspiration, and truly I can spend hours upon hours just looking at pretty rooms. In a recent inspiration-hunt, I stumbled upon designer, Mary McDonald's Ideas for Home, published by Veranda, in which she gives us ten daring decor tips you can use for your next DIY decor project. Here are my favorites of the ten, with a little of my wisdom in the mix, too!

"Arrange a color-minded tablescape."

Use tablescapes as an opportunity to play with color. Introduce a bold, vibrant accent color you might be too shy to use on a larger scale. But be sure that there's variation in height and texture for maximum visual interest.  And remember, groupings in odd numbers are generally more visually appealing.

From left: Mary McDonald Interior for Veranda, Mary McDonald Interior via Style Beat, Mary McDonald Interior via PBC Style

 "Use decorative painting." 

The cherry blossom has been done to death. Take it from Mary McDonald and choose a silhoutte that you love, that says something uniquely about you.  If you're into chinoiserie like Ms. McDonald, do a geisha or a crane. If you're mad for mod, overlap ovals, squares, and hourglass silhouttes in different colors. The possibilities are endless, so there is no excuse for being predictable.

Mary McDonald Interior for Veranda, Mary McDonald for Western Interiors via Coco + Kelley, Mary McDonald Interiors via Manolo for the Home

"Paint a bold pattern on seagrass"

Large rugs such as the ones pictured below can be pretty pricey. If your budget's tight, buy a few smaller ones and lay side-by-side. Then, paint the pattern on the rugs together to create the illusion of one large rug.

Mary McDonald Interior for Veranda, Mary McDonald Interior for Western Interiors via Harmony & Home, Mary McDonald Interiors via The Peak of Chic

 "Make a four-panel bed."

If you're doing solid color panels, line the inside with a lovely pattern (visa versa if you're using printed panels--jewel tones are luscious!). I also suggest lining the panels with a fabric that has some sheen, such as satin or silk, to give your canopy that jewel-box feel.

Mary McDonald Interior for Veranda, Mary McDonald Interior via Design Chic, Mary McDonald Interior via Chinoiserie Chic

 "Pair bold patterns."
To keep the room from bordering on schizophrenic, when mixing patterns remember to keep some of the large visual elements neutral, such as bed linens, sofas, or dressers. You definitely don't want too many elements competing with one another.

Mary McDonald Interior for Veranda, Mary McDonald Interior via Odi et Amo, Mary McDonald Interior via Creamy Life
     Don't be afraid to try something bold; potential failure is the only route to awesome. Your home is your sanctuary. Make it the most awesome place you know. 

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