I apologize that I've been MIA on the blog this week (well, not exactly; I shared a few things via Instagram. Are you following me yet, by the way???). Happily, I was out enjoying a little vacation, visiting my in-laws in South Carolina. In general, I try not to blog much about my personal life. Oh, some of it inevitably creeps in--I can be a bit chatty at times. But sometimes I have to waive my little rule when the things I see are too beautiful not to share, such as the picturesque city of Greenville, SC.  
Westin Poinsett Hotel

Me at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce (left) & the fountain by the Greenville County Court House (right)

     Boasting clean streets, smiling pedestrians, lush and immaculately landscaped views of nature's splendor, and a heaping dose of that famous Southern Hospitality, Greenville, SC. is truly a lovely place to visit. This charming city is loaded with whimsical little gems, such as the inspirational quotes inlaid on the sidewalk from Poinsett Plaza to the Westin Poinsett Hotel (my favorite is pictured below). If you visit, also look out for the Mice on Main (a fun little game for families with young children) & The Path of Becoming (beautiful sidewalk sculptures sure to inspire).

Downtown Greenville
     Greenville is also home to a wide-range of architectural styles (including some of my favorites: Neo-classical, Victorian & Georgian Revival, to name a few) and immaculately kept historic buildings, such as the Greenville Chamber of Commerce & Falls Cottage pictured below.

View of Mary's Restaurant at Falls Cottage from Falls Park (right) & fountain by the Greenville County Court House (right)

Me in Downtown Greenville. Here's what I wore - Top: Pleione (link to similar), Norstrom Rack $40. Shorts: ALICE by Temperley (see Shop the Look above for similar), Yoox $40. Shoes: Sam Edelman (link shoes on SALE at 6PM.com), Nordstrom $65. Necklace, Forever 21. Rings: Sale Rack (in Coconut Grove) under $20 each; similar here & here

Downtown Greenville
As a lover of all things design, my head spun with all of the architectural details. I was impressed at how perfectly preserved the historic buildings in Downtown Greenville are. In general, I found that the entire downtown area is meticulously cared for. In fact, I didn't see a single bit of litter. The city seems well-loved by its sunny residents.

Greenville County Court House (left) & clock in front of Chamber of Commerce Building (right)

Me, admiring the stylishly printed dogs of a friendly couple walking by in Downtown Greenville. I never did outgrow my urge to pet every dog I see. It took all of me not to Elmira them (an Animaniacs reference for you children of the 90's).
     Greenville's show-stopper, however, is Falls Park on the Reedy River (pictured below, to the left). My photograph does not do justice to its awe-inspiring gardens. Local families can be seen picnicking on its vibrantly verdant lawns or wading joyfully in the river. There's even a local company of actors that do Shakespeare for onlookers to enjoy for free. If you're wondering why you're not seeing more photographs of Falls Park, well, I was just too captivated by the idyllic scenery to care about my camera.

Falls Park (left) & Mary's Restaurant at Falls Cottage (right)

View from the Greenville Ale House in Downtown Greenville. If you're in town, have the pumpkin beer. It's to die for delicious!
Check back tomorrow for more of my South Carolina vacation pictures, from day-trip to Columbia!

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  1. Oh yes, caught the Elmira reference right away -- I worshiped that show as a kid! Thanks for reminding me of a much more simpler and innocent time hehehe :) Great pics as well. Obviously I stumbled in more for the travel aspect than the fashion tips (not saying I don't love them, but as a single guy they can only do so much for me) however now you have encouraged me to go shopping for new clothes before I hop back on the road ;)


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