I remember watching Breakfast at Tiffany's when I was a little girl. I was so captivated by Holly Golightly's wreckeless use of jewels (I was like, "You can do that??? Dress like a princess and not actually be a princess--WHAT?!?!?) that Audrey Hepburn is still for me, as for so many women, the ultimate symbol of glam-meets-classic style. But the moment I saw Patricia Neal as Mrs. Failenson in that red turban, I instinctively saw the how dazzling it can be to pull off the unexpected with quiet elegance, and I said to myself: This is glamour.

Image via God's Favorite Shoes

    The turban adds just the right amount of mystery and exotisicm to any look, a style tip icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren knew well.

Image via Chexydecimal

Image via Flickr

     I'm always tickled when turbans pop-up in street style. I snapped the lady below at Nordstrom in Merrick Park. Of course the head-turner is the glittery turban. But upon closer inspection, I love how masterfully she plays with neutrals--artfully injecting personality and fun in the form of the poodle-patterned cardi, lava-hued stone statement necklace, and snake print shoes--pulling off the unexpected with quiet elegance. Ladies, this is glamour. 

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