Like any fashionista, I'm so devoted to the power of the little black dress that I own more than I need and never turn down the purchase of it's trendiest incarnation. But some times, an oldie really is a goodie.

     This dress was my mother's. She's still, of course, fabulous and sexy as ever. But she's been gracious enough to pass down a few gems from her amazing collection of now-vintage dresses. It makes me so proud when my dad tells the story of the day he saw this dress in the window and just had to stop and buy it, because he knew that it was made for my mother's bombshell figure (the woman had a waist so small it seemed anatomically unreasonable).

Dress & bag were my mother's. I wore them with nude patent leather Steve Madden pumps.
I'm also wearing my wedding ring and a vintage rhinestone bracelet purchased on Etsy.

     Wearing this dress reminds me of my ever-fashionable mother, how I used to think of her as the most beautiful woman in the world (still do, Mommy!), and how embracing the rockin' body you were born with never goes out of style.

Little sis & I at family wedding this weekend. We got it from our momma.

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Just found your blog,..love it ;)
    I'm following you now on Bloglovin and I hope you'll stay in touch ;)


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