{an independence day declaration}

A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

Dearest readers,

     I'm so inspired by the idea of a modern-day dandy. Naturally in the context of current times and not exclusively regarding menswear, when dressing for the day, I often imagine that I'm a modern day dandy: layering with scarves, belts and baubles, incorporating a rich color-story (I like to have at least three accent colors), considering a shoe as not just a shoe, but as the Pièce de résistance--in general: aiming for gorgeous flamboyance (which I so thoroughly enjoy to do). Take a tip from the fella with a feather in his hair, ladies: Shameless flair is the new macaroni.

     Why don't we make our own declaration on the day of our nation's independence? Here and now, let's take a page from the book of fearless fashion-rule breakers
; in the name of Katherine Hepburn, Carrie Brashaw, Elton John, the Mad Hatter (if you don't believe his influence, check out Emma Stone's spread in Vogue) and anyone else that inspires you to be a dandy, to turn the volume up to the most vivid version of you there is, I invite you to celebrate with me today in this declaration of style:

I will wear too much jewelry. More is more.

I will add a scarf, too. Or a hat. Or both.

If I think no one will approve, I will wear it anyway. I will remember that life is short.

I will forget about the color wheel. If it feels right, that is how I know it matches.

I will layer with my own stamp of eccentricity.

If everyone wants it, I make them want something else. I will be the trail-blazer.

Happy 4th, gals. 
Scarf: Anne Klein, Necklace: Forever21, Blouse: Bebe, Belt: Asos, Pants: Express,
Charm Bracelet: Vintage (purchased at Mayfair Antique Market), Pearl bracelet: a gift, Large black flower ring: Forever21, Smaller crystal flower ring: a gift. Watch: Michael Kors. On Lou (the dandiest mutt evah!)--Scarf: Frenchi. Sorry, none are recent purchases.

Bag: Patricia Nash Trento Satchel, Hat: Stetson, vintage (it was my grandfather's).

 Shoes: Report Shoes, Diane (Sold Out)

Don't worry! I wasn't going to leave you without a little inspiration for your fireworks-watchin' outfit. Here you go, complete with tips for summer styling:

4th of July Style Tips

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