Neon necklace: Bauble Bar (sold out), Blue collar necklace: Furor Moda (not available online, but contact as they may have more. Was under $20!). Top: Tommy Hilfiger (have had it since high school). Skirt: H&M (purchased at Lincoln Rd pop-up store. Can't remember price, but was probably under $20).
    What kid didn't love a trip to the candy store? I've always loved sugary treats--maybe more than I should. Funny story: I asked my friend, who is in incredible shape, what changes I should make to my diet to drop a little of my jiggle.

Friend says: "Well, you'll have to cut out white bread."
Me: "Fine, I switched to wheat ages ago. Crossaints don't count, right?"
Friend: "No cheese."
Me: "Come again?"
Friend: "Probably no alcohol either. It's really fattening."
Me: "But what will I drink in my bubble bath?"
Friend: "You'll have to stop adding all that cream & sugar to your coffee."
Me: "My precious morning delight? No way. It would be a disservice to everyone I know, because I'd be really cranky." (At this point I've decided my friend is obviously not an expert.)
Friend: And no dessert.
Me: "This life you describe, it is not worth living! You must find another way!
Friend: You'll have to workout with weights.
Me: "No, that's hard."
Friend: "And probably run."
Me. "No, it's too hot. My hair will get yucky. How can I lose weight without exercising that much and not giving up cupcakes? I like yoga...and cupcakes."
Friend: ...
Me: "I know you'll figure it out! Get back to me."

Friend never got back to me on that. But happily this season's pastel colors trend let's us get our candy fix without the caloric expense...so we have room for cupcakes!

Shoes: Bakers (A gift from my little brother, William.)

Woven clutch: Vintage, purchase on Etsy, Cuff: A gift from my sister, Elizabeth, from her trip to Cuba. Hand-carved from seashell.

PS - Do you know what I love more that cupcakes? PUPPIES! If you love puppies, too, come out & support PetNet & the Humane Society of Greater Miami tonight at Doggies & Divas. There will be a fashion show, adorable pooches & complimentary cocktails until 10PM.

Admission is $20 at the door. 550 Washington Avenue, in South Beach.

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