Earlier this month I had the pleasure of co-styling the hot girl of the month for local advertising agency, Hot Girls and Bikes, in Key Biscayne. Saying it was a pleasure isn't at all a formality--the model was none other than my beautiful sister, Elizabeth, and the other stylist was my dear friend, the super creative, Edyna Garcia. Not to mention, the HGAB crew was warm and welcoming, and as fun as they are talented (and if you doubt the comparison, wait until you see the pictures in August--they are going to be GORGEOUS!). All in all, aside from continuous attacks from mutant mosquitoes (seriously, it's like they liked the repellant!), the entire experience was a blast. Here's a behind the scenes look at what they'll be publishing in August:

(Ms. Edyna & yours truly. Please forgive the hair.
The humidity was brutal. There was no saving it!)

(The HGAB Crew: Just about the nicest people a girl could work with.)

(Our make-up artist, Ms. Edith Mercedes, top right with my sister
& bottom left having a little fun between touch-ups.
We all got a little sugar from our interim model.)
(August's hot girl of the month, my little sis!
Fun fact: The beauty also has brains; she's a registered nurse.)

      For more behind the scenes, check out Edyna's video journal of the photoshoot. And check back in August to see all of our looks in the finished product!

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