I'm so looking forward to quality time with my family this Memorial Day weekend! Of course we'll have the Miamian's mandatory time at sea--I mean, why live here to deal with all the traffic and not at least enjoy the tropical climate and gorgeous beaches? But there will also undoubtedly be some grilling...and a whole lot of eating.

     We do love our picnics under the palms with dazzling turquoise skies above. My family has long had a ritual of celebrating the the warm-weather holidays by feasting together under the sun. When Petey and I got married, he really embraced my close-knit family with all of its quirks and mandatory traditions. And this year, he's offered to do the cooking. Since I'm pretty useless in the kitchen (I frequently mess up toast, to give you an idea of my ineptitude) I plan to contribute by giving our dining locale some festive flair. And since I've got that top of mind, I thought I'd share some of that flair with you. Here's how to picnic, Jen-style!

Picnic Essentials


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