I always squirm in social situations, when the inevitable small-talk favorite arises: So, do you have any hobbies? (hesitant pause as I look at my feet as if beseeching them for some answer that won't sound so utterly, embarassingly superficial as...) Um...shopping?--which is what I usually say in concert with an apologetic shrug that reads: I don't know, that's all I got. :/ But I think I would like to clear the air, if you'll induldge me for a moment (I'm feeling philosophical).

The fact is, I'm not a ditz with a credit card (even if I am quoting Alicia Silverstone in Clueless). Like, I totally read and know lots of big words.  ;)

     I do shop a lot, but it really isn't such a shallow act, because it's my artistic process (okay, maybe that's a stretch, because technically I can't make anything. But is not the DJ an artist, too, who expertly mixes songs created by others in order to create something fresh and uplifting?) When I shop I am hunting for inspiration, a daily act of saturating my brain with themes, textures, trends and so on (that I naturally want to buy and wear, and stick in my home) because all that exposure the wonderful new inspires me to create

...in the only way I know how...with all those wonderful new things I want to buy. 

     For me, there is no greater satisfaction than creating beautiful spaces and outfits from the things that thrill and inspire me. In this way, every day is a joyful expression of who I am, of what I have to offer. What good is it to live if you are not inspired, if you are not doing the things that move you?

     In this vein, I'd like to share pictures from Rue Magazine's May/June 2012 Issue, of the New Orleans home of Valorie Hart, interior decorator and tango dancer extraordinaire. It shows that the wonderfully quirky home was decorated with the trained eye of a designer, but whimsical flair of a dancer. I love the vibrant punches of color, and the way Hart pefectly mixes genres and patterns with abandon. Most importantly, I love that she so obviously lives to do what she loves and creates beauty all around her in that spirit.

And did I mention that Ms. Hart has a cat named Kitty Kitty Bang Bang? LOVE that! Makes me regret that don't have a cat and didn't think of it first.

LOVE all the green & ESPECIALLY the Chinoiserie toile.

Makes me want to get a pop of color lampshade...ideas are percolating!

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