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     Spring is well underway and so are spring showers. I've been doused a few times...let me tell you, it was not cute. I mentioned in my previous post that we've had monsoon-rains here in Miami lately (though today is mercifully sunny, thank goodness) and I've had a chance to develop some tricks for keeping my look together in spite of the weather.

     Here's what I've learned from living in unpredicatable tropical climate: Keep a hair tie, a couple of bobby pins, and a small brush in your car and in another set your purse. If you're unexpectedly caught in a shower, you can just slick your soaked hair into a low chignon. Add some lipstick and voil√†! You look polished, even if your clothes are damp and rumpled. And speaking of unexpected showers, keep an umbrella in your car and another at work. That way you never have to dash between locations and risk an embarrassing slip (been there, done that). Also, invest in a classic light-weight trench for spring. Nothing says class √† la Breakfast at Tiffany's like a great trench coat. And it'll keep your outfit underneath from exposure to the elements, so you'll arrive at your destination as fresh as when you left the house. Finally, if the weatherman predicts that days of gloomy weather are ahead, get yourself some wellies. There is no need to ruin your shoes and have soggy feet, ladies. Carry your shoes in a cute tote and rock those rain boots. I promise they're not all clunky and ridiculous--they can be just as chic as riding boots.

     If you're in need of some inspiration for building your go-to rainy day must-haves, check out my slideshow below featuring five trench, boots and umbrella combos. Stay dry!

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