{sandals, $50 & under}
     As promised, more beach essentials under $50! My favorite are the Flounder Green Seahorse Sandals (they also come in gold!) by Miss Selfridge, that are so glammy and perfect for this season's ocean trend. I was happy to find so many stylish and still affordable options, but I have to admit: I never thought I'd be excited about flat sandals. For all the shoes I own (A LOT), I've only just started to get into them. 

     I am the girl at the beach in wedges and the one in a sundress and wooden platform slingback sandals at the dog park. I NEVER wore flats, finding them dowdy and unbearably unflattering. In general, if not done right, I still think that flats are a fast way to frump (excluding you Audrey-esque girls, with your chic gamine figures that can make a garbage bag stylish). But I've been seduced by the call of comfort thanks to the influence of some of my more out-doorsy friends. My heel-craze has relented some in favor of practicality. I guess it's what you'd call evolution.

     The trick to evading frump is to keep your silhoutte lean, so avoid pairing flats with full skirts, billowy maxis, boyfriend jeans, and the like. All of the afore-mentioned look MUCH better with heels, generally speaking, for the non-celebrity/super model woman. For me, feeling cute in flats usually means that as the heel decreases, so doth my hemline (within good taste and propriety, of course!) but I also love pairing flat sandals with a figure-hugging maxi dress--and a big 'ol floppy hat, a statement ring and loads of bangles. Play around and see what you can wear with flats to flatter your figure. But whatever you do, make it glamorous!

Beach Sandals $50 & Under

P. S.
     You probably noticed that there are no standard beach-day thong rubber flip-flops above. You will all have to forgive me, but for all my evolved feelings on flats, I still cannot fathom wearing rubber flip-flops anywhere. I own one pair, that I wear around the house, or to quickly walk my mutts not more than two blocks from my building. I won't even go to the grocery store in rubber flip-flops and if you ever catch me in them, please ask me if I'm okay, because I assure you that I would not be in my right mind.

      For the most part, I try to face any trend with positive curiosity. I try not to disdain any styles, because with the right artistry, they can all have their merit and so much of being stylish is personal and subjective. And I do hate to do any bashing of the Fashion Police sort. For these reasons, I am reluctant to have a lot of hard-and-fast fashion rules. But I do have one and it is completely irreversible and unequivocal: Rubber flip-flops are inexcusably dingy.

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