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     I've had spring trends on the brain! I won't lie, I've been doing an AWFUL lot of shopping online lately, but how can I resist, when this seasons trends are so TO DIE FOR??? Since for most the choice is between couture and rent, I thought I'd show you gals that everyone can be in style this season...if you know where to shop. My aesthetic philosophy is like Target's: DESIGN FOR ALL!


P.S. - Some people's eyes may pop at spending $500 for an outfit. Understandable. What good is a nice outfit if you have no money for food, right? Indeed, some of the looks for less below add up to about $500.00 for the entire outfit, and you might say that is no where near reasonable. But consider this: $500.00 probably couldn't buy you one of the pieces in each runway outfit below. 'Sides, there are always clever ways to make each of the outfits below work for your budget, maybe by swapping a more expensive piece for something on sale or even with something you already own. And, of course, you can contact me if you need help. :)

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