Life Aquatic

     Girls, I am definitely feeling the need for a vacation! Granted, I live in one of the hottest tourist destinations in the nation, so I can easily have a stay-cation at the beach every weekend...the only problem is--of course--real life happens here, too! And doesn't always respect my weekends: pay bills, check calendar, dog needs a bath, run by cleaners, need groceries, must call mother, what's for dinner? And girl, that laundry's not gonna do itself!...It can all be a bit deflating at times.

    These are the moments that I push myself most to inject a bit of glammy fun into the mundane--which is why I'm loving this spring's ocean trend (see my affordable picks below) that let's us feel like we're on vacay, even if we can't get away. I can just picture myself in that Oasis shift dress at a leisurely lunch with the girls, chatting and laughing on the terrace of a breezy bistro. Cocktails, please!

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